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AUSA with the environment

AUSA not only says it is a green company,it really acts as a green company. With policies oriented to reduce the impact of the production but also the reduction in emissions and savings to the final costumer.

Why we say that? Because we accomplish with the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), we can make you save fuel up to 3.000l per year, it means that we emit 5tn less of CO₂ (similar to planting 150 trees every year) and because we have a low cost of ownership.

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Specialized and professional equipment, solutions designed to cover all needs. Here you will find everything we can offer you!

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iLink System
The innovative iLink®System, one machine for all applications
iLink System
Best Service and the lowest cost of ownership
iLink System
Savings, not only in investment but also in operation
iLink System
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  • testimonial

    Ángel and Santiago - Inbisa (Spain)

    "It is a silent machine, with an excellent sweep in one movement. Works very well on wet soil or when it's raining (something you will not find with other brands). We can also work with the suction tube from the cab, which implements the cleaning ability. Besides that, it has a reduced consumption. We are very pleased with the results of the B200H of AUSA."

  • testimonial

    José Tesouro - Mancomunidad de Debabarrena (Spain)

    "Powerful, low- sound engine with very good and compact maneuverability. Very good cleaning equipment thanks to its scope, its versatility and its flexibility to shocks, which also counts for the cleaning gun. The water pump is powerful and the position of the components allows us to add tools on the back. The visibility from the cockpit is optimal and we must highlight the good position of the function keys. In general it is a good, effective and efficient machine."